Organic Curry Leaves Powder 100% Pure & Natural, No GMO No Preservatives


  • Beyond their distinctive flavor, curry leaves have many other uses. The vitamins A, B, C, and B2 are found in abundance in them. Some studies have found that curry leaves are an excellent source of iron and calcium.
  • Powdered curry leaves have a distinct flavor that has been likened to citrus, anise, and lemongrass. Once cooked, they have a nutty flavor and a tangy taste. You can produce your curry powder by combining curry powder with other spices, such as
  • We get our organic curry leaves from curry leaf trees that grow in the wild when the weather and soil are right.
  • Curry leaves powder has a unique taste that can be described as being like citrus, anise, or lemongrass. When they are cooked, they have a sharp taste and smell like nuts.
  • Before being packed, they go through a strict quality control process to make sure you get the best product. This is because they are processed in a highly supervised environment.