Pure Costus Leaf Powder (Costus Igneus) 100% Natural No GMO No Preservatives (3.5oz)


  • This item is a pure costus leaf powder-based health beverage that is prepared like green tea. This powder is bursting with natural goodness and offers a host of health advantages when taken twice day.
  • Natural product only. No binders, colorants, chemicals, fillers, or preservatives that are artificial. No subjects in the aforementioned study reported any unfavorable side effects from ingesting Insulin Plant leaf powder.
  • A revitalizing wellness beverage called Costus Igneus Shield uses its active components to support balanced levels of important health markers. Numerous health advantages are supported by costus leaf powder.
  • 150 ml of hot water should be added to 2 grams of Costus Igneus Shield powder in a cup. Give it some time to rest. Once the drink is prepared, you are free to filter out the sediment and throw it away.